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Machine Listing - Other Falk

IEN 123191
Ratio 9.211
HP n/a
Safety Factor n/a
Type ShaftMount
Model 307JF09GS
Manufacturer Falk

  Falk Model 307JF09GS Gear Reducer. HP: n/a; Ratio: 9.211; Input RPM: n/a; Output RPM: n/a; Type: ShaftMount; S.F.: n/a. Notes: ShaftDiameter 2.125 in; ShaftLength 4.5 in; 6-688630, Mule Keyed Shaft, FM-2.5" ID x 4.5" Deep, Baur Splitter 2-2" Diameter Keyed and pin holed Shafts, Casting #'s C.484178 For Screw Conveyor of Feeder for Refiner Goes With ID #18678